My Life in Four Year Terms

AMHERST, Massachusetts — I’m floating peacefully in a warm sea of amniotic fluid, when the voice of Ronald Reagan penetrates my subdural Shangri-La. It reverberates through the nodes and ventricles of my mother’s body like the voice of Darth Vader, causing me to somersault and burrow deeper into the womb. There I wait, weeks past my due date, growing ever plumper and more powerful off my host.

On November 4th, my parents watch the election returns on our analog TV. I

Where do we turn when government fails us?

Marginalized communities have long survived by sharing skills, resources and creativity, but many of us are only now waking up to our collective responsibility. Those of us who identify as white, straight and/or cisgender have mostly enjoyed the illusion that the dominant systems will take care of us. And to a certain extent they have — at the cost of Black and Brown lives, labor and opportunity.

So what do we do? Sign another petition? Call our congressperson? Blackout our Facebook profile picture?

Mutual aid projects give us a way to help right now, while laying the foundation for a more just future.

How Living In Mexico Prepared Me For Life Under Trump

After I graduated from college in 2004, I spent three years working as an English teacher in Oaxaca, Mexico. At the time, Oaxaca seemed like the ideal escape from the fear and uncertainty of the post-9-11 US. Three hundred miles southeast of Mexico City, Oaxaca has been cultural hub since around 1200 BC. Its people, the majority of whom identify with one or more indigenous group, have survived conquest, dictatorship, and natural disaster.

I never imagined that Oaxaca would turn out to be a trai

What I Learned On An Accidental Date With A Trump Supporter

“What about politics?” he asked. “Do you lean left or right?”


K held up his forearms like goal posts, in case he wasn’t being clear.

“Hillary or Trump?” I looked him dead between the goalposts and laughed.


K lowered his voice and leaned in closer. “You don’t know about the socialist plans he has for our country?”

“Socialist plans?” I repeated loudly. “You mean like equal access to healthcare and education? Hell yeah!”

K had no comeback. He must have though the s-bomb would resolve the conflict swiftly and decisively in his favor, and now he was stuck without exit strategy.

Never Forget June 14th: Revisiting Oaxaca Ten Years Later

“Is Trump really going to build a wall?” Sofi wants to know. She Armando and I are at Micheland, a new bar in Colonia Reforma that specializes in Micheladas—beer flavored with salt and chile.

“I don’t think so, not literally. It’s expensive and impractical. Not even all the Republicans support it.”

“From where we sit,” Armando says. “It seems like half of America is racist.”

I try to explain the electoral college over the cumbia music. “I’m not saying there isn’t racism, but a lot of it is ju

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